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Egg Nog

This recipe was shared by Reta Adams.

2 ctn whipping cream
½ gallon ice cream
1 qt. can egg nog mix

Mush all up and mix. Add vanilla & nutmeg until flavor
you want. You can add rum or rum flavoring. If it
is too thick you can add milk to get the consistency you

Hot Mulled Cider

½ C. brown sugar
1 t. whole allspice
1 t. whole cloves
¼ t. salt
Dash ground nutmeg
3 inches stick cinnamon
2 quarts apple cider
Orange wedges

Combine sugar, allspice, cloves, salt, nutmeg, cinnamon, and cider in large saucepan. Slowly bring to boiling; cover and simmer 20 minutes
Remove spices. Serve in warmed mugs with a clove-studded orange wedge in each. Serves 8.