Recipecorner.net is a collection of family recipes that have been passed down and easy, quick-fix recipes for today’s busy families. After years of e-mailing recipes to family and friends, I decided that it might be more convenient to have one place to compile all of those recipes where they could be easily accessed. Not only will I be posting recipes from my own collection, but I hope to also collect recipes from other family members and friends. If known, all recipes are attributed to the original source.


deeDee is the creator and editor of this site as well as several others. While she doesn’t much like to cook, she does love to eat. With a hungry husband, rambunctious toddler and new baby at home, she is always on the search for simple, healthy recipes that are easy to throw together in a few minutes. She has a weakness for pastas, appetizers and fattening snacks and is trying to learn some healthier eating habits so that she can pass those habits down to her children. When she’s not busy stuffing her face or dreaming up new things to eat, you can find her blogging, getting crafty, taking photos, or hanging out with her family.

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